Freakonomics: “The podcast that explores the hidden side of everything.”  This is one of my favorites.  You’d be amazed at how anything can be viewed through the lens of economics–like cutting your grass.

Outside Podcast: From outside magazine.  Interviews and some of the best survival stories.  My favorite is either the one about how state parks deal with feces removal (trust me it’s awesome 🙂 or the story about what it’s like to die from hypothermia.  Great stuff.

The First Forty Miles: I’ve only listened to a few episodes.  The podcast deals with hiking of all kinds and features interviews, reviews, and stories from hikers.

The Dirtbag Diaries: Another one I’ve just started listening to.  A variety of stories of hikers, climbers and dirtbags of all kinds.  Some fascinating stuff.

Almost anything from NPR, including, Hidden Brain, This American Life, Radiolab… Can’t go wrong there.

99% Invisible with Roman Mars.  All about the world around us; things that you wouldn’t think twice about.  To fans, it’s 99PI.


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